Dance Program for Children

RHB Kids Waltz        


RHB Kids Waltz 2       


RHB Kids Tango      


RHB Kids Tango2      


RHB Kids Chicken Dance


Ryana & Isa Milonga


Angelina & Isa Foxtrot


Ryana & Isa ChaCha

Local ADULT dancers raised money and performed their dance for the Charity  "Red Hot Ballroom Children's After School Dance Program"  held on March 21, 2015 at Pavilion in Palm Springs



MarieAnn & Joshua - Mexican Jarocha


Gen & Van - Rumba    


Gen & Jose - Argentine Tango


Shirley & Nick - Samba


Nevada & Tim - Waltz


Barbara & Terry - Samba


Kristen & Sonny - Waltz

Margaret & Van - Foxtrot

Red Hot Ballroom Inc. is a

501©3 nonprofit organization


Your donations are tax deductible

Tax ID # 27-0201559


For more information, please contact:


Robert Berens, President, RHB


Phone: 760-773-5148


Board of Directors

President: Robert Berens

Treasurer: Cynthia Kawai

Secretary: Jackie Hagan

Music Chair: Jim Little       

Judge & Finals Chair: Ron Hagan

Finals Coordinator: Reggie Powell

Dance Amigos & Red Hots Chair:

Cynthia & Frank Kawai 

Fund Raising: Gary & Emily Sodikoff

Outfits Chair: Judy & Jim Husen

Red Hot Ballroom was founded in 2007 by Ballroom dance instructors and Palm Desert residents, Bob & Nancy Horn. It was formed at the request of the District Attorney and in response to meetings with local law enforcement officials and school district officials.

The program uses Ballroom and Latin Dance instruction as a vehicle to provide a positive influence on at-risk children in the 4th through 7th grades in Coachella Valley public schools.

As funding for the Arts and afterschool programs continues to be a problem, Red Hot Ballroom was formed to provide the students with the necessary social skills to prepare for life’s challenges. We give students the tools they need to get along with others, be confident and respectful of others, stand up to bullying and the negative pressure to try drugs or join gangs. Our program helps children make good decisions.

Red Hot Ballroom is now in 34 schools and all three school districts in the Coachella Valley. Over 96% of the children in our program are part of Title 1, low income families. We provide our program at no cost to the children, their families or the school districts. We present participation medallions to all students, as well as, trophies and awards at all three Dance Competition Finals. To those children that need it, we provide formal dance wear and shoes.

Our program serves over 1,000 children. We rely on donations from Foundations, Corporate Sponsors—and people such as you! Please help us improve the lives of our children, by donating to Red Hot Ballroom.