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Good Dance News PRESS RELEASE, see on the right side

· New dance shoes for $ 25, call 760.861.2581

· NEW Johnny Meza @ Spotlight on Saturdays, for more info see flyer page 4

· NEW $5 Social Dance with free lesson at new Armenian Church, for more info see flyer below

· NEW Summer Workshop Dance lessons, for more info see flyer page 6

· New at the Vue/I W Club on Mondays Tony DiJerlando; Tuesdays + Saturdays Chris Lomeli; Wednesdays band Machin performing

· New Lili Rose at Pete’s Hideway, see page 5

· NEW Michael D’Angelo @ IW Resort Hotel on FRIDAYS, see page 5

· NEW Dance camps/events/competitions—see page 3 + page 10

· NEW Milonga/Argentine Tango dancing at Billy Reeds on Friday nights, see page 14

· Every Saturday Dance Party from 7 - 9 pm at Step By Step, see down below + page 14

· NEW save the date! Oct. 15th, The First Annual “Celebration of the Desert Dance Community, see page 4

· NEW Tango Beginner Class, for more info see page 6

· NEW Dance instructor/host/performer Van Spencer see page 3

· NEW Dance & dine with the Carmens at Terra Lago, see page 4

· Group dance lessons click here  A  B  C  D  E  F  see page 6

· Steve & Barb will be back on Sep. 10th with exciting additions at large Ballroom at the Pavilion, new schedule see page 4

· Help children learn dancing, see page 8

· Get fit with Dance Lessons, see page 6 + 7

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